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Business Electricity

Large Business Electricity

In energy supply terms, if your company consumes more than 55,000 kWh in electricity or 200,000 kWh in gas per year then it’s classed as a large business.

If you own a large business, you’ll know that electricity bills make up a significant proportion of monthly outgoings. The good news is that large companies have more options when it comes to electricity plans and meters than smaller companies. These can make it easier for large businesses to manage their electricity supply and save money.

How can I get the best deal on large business electricity?

To get the best deal on large business electricity, you’ll need to compare what’s on the market and switch when you find the best deal. Unlike residential electricity customers who can easily compare ready-made tariffs, business electricity consumers need to contact electricity suppliers and negotiate bespoke quotes from each. For a good overview of what’s available, you’ll need to get quotes from a number of suppliers which can make comparing business electricity deals a time-consuming process.

This is where Business Electric can help. Our team of energy experts will take care of the heavy lifting to save you time and money. A short phone call is all it takes to understand your consumption habits and electricity needs and set you on the road to energy savings. We’ll then gather and compare tariffs to find your company the best possible deal. We’ll ask you a few questions about your business’s electricity usage, so it will be helpful to have the following information to hand when you call:

  • A recent electricity bill
  • Your business' registration information
  • Your MPAN number (you can find this on your bill or meter)
  • Your current contract's end date
  • The date your switching window opens

In some cases, your building might not have an MPAN (for example, if it’s a new build) if that’s the case you’ll need to build in extra time for installation and contact the National Grid.

If you’re looking for a new electricity deal or need to get a new meter installed, you should aim to do this at least a month before you actually need your supply to start. In most cases a meter can be fitted within 10 to 15 days after the initial request.

What type of large business energy deals are available?

A number of factors such as energy usage patterns, company location, company size, supplier and tariff, come together to determine the price of a large company’s bespoke energy deal. There are a number of different types of tariff available to large businesses:

  • Fixed-rate contracts – Fixed-rate contracts set the unit price of energy for the duration of the contract, providing a measure of security that’s particularly important for new and small businesses.
  • Variable or flexible-rate contracts – This type of tariff ties your unit rate to the market, meaning that it can increase and decrease. It’s a better choice for businesses who can weather a small amount of risk.
  • Large site peak day demand contracts – These contracts exchange a cheap unit price for a limited amount of energy each day. It’s a good choice for businesses that want to reduce the amount of energy they consume but it’s important to be aware that exceeding the limit can result in heavy fines.
  • Interruptible contracts – This type of contract is only available for large business energy customers. It offers a cheap unit rate in return for giving the National Grid permission to temporarily cut off your supply during periods of high demand.

Will I benefit from a half-hourly meter or a multi-site meter?

Companies that have a 100-kWh maximum demand or greater in any half hour period can benefit from half hourly metering. Businesses with a maximum demand of 70 kWh or more can also opt to have a half hourly meter installed.

A half hourly meter sends readings through a phone line connection to your supplier every half hour for extremely accurate, and often cheaper, bills. As it’s an automatic function, it does away with the need for taking manual readings. These highly accurate readings also have the benefit of making it easy to identify your business’s busiest periods which is essential information if you’re trying to cut your energy bills.

If your business operates across many different sites, it might benefit from a multi-site meter. This simplifies the billing process and may earn you a discount. Business energy deals take location into account so it’s important to note that a multi-site meter may mean that not all of your sites are getting the best possible deal for their location.

How does the Climate Change Levy affect my business?

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a charge introduced by the government for businesses in the industrial, commercial, agricultural and public services who consume more than 33,000 kWh worth of energy per day.

You can reduce the amount that your business pays in CCL by signing up for a government Climate Change Agreement (CCA) which can bring down your payments by up to 90%. The CCA is a government agreement that outlines:

  • The ways that you’ll reduce the amount of energy your business uses
  • The methods you intend to use to make your business more energy efficient

Unfortunately, since April 2015 renewable energy no longer qualifies for an exemption from the charge.

To find out more about energy deals, meters and charges for large businesses and how you can reduce your energy bills, give us a call today on 0800 156 0871.

By submitting your details you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. We promise we won't share your data with others for marketing purposes

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