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Business Electricity

What is Business Electric?

Business Electric is a commercial energy comparison and switching service. Our team of business energy experts compare commercial gas tariffs to find the best business electricity rates to help lower your energy bills.

Our service makes comparing energy deals as simple as can be – one phone call to 0800 156 0871 is all it takes. Call now or leave your name and number and we’ll give you a call back.

How to compare business electricity rates and switch supplier

Compare commercial energy suppliers isn’t as straightforward as switching home energy, so even if you’re a seasoned household energy switcher, you might still find switching business energy a bit of a chore.

Unlike with domestic deals, there are no pre-defined deals, and no dual fuel options, which means the only way to secure the best rates is to ring around and get a separate quote from each supplier – it’s not surprise very business owners have the time or inclination to shop around for a better deal.

So let the Business Electric team take the time and hassle out of switching – one simple phone call is all it takes for us to determine your energy needs and dig out a great deal. And to help us to help you, try to have the following details to hand when you call:

  • A recent energy bill
  • Your business's registration information
  • Your MPAN number from your bill or meter
  • Your contract's expiry
  • The date your switching window opens

Our team will offer a range of quotes, and you then pick your preferred supplier – the final decision is always with you – and we’ll help you through each step of the switching process. And we can even let you know when your new deal is coming to an end, so you need never shop around for a great deal, ever again.

How does Business Electric make money?

Our energy switching service is 100% free of charge to all our customers – we’ll never charge you a single penny for comparing quotes or switching supplier.

We earn money through the commercial agreements we have in place with suppliers, which means we charge suppliers a fee when we switch customers to them, at no extra cost to our customers. This means we can keep our service completely free to use. Our commercial relationships mean that, in some cases, we can negotiate exclusive deals that are not available directly from the supplier.

To help make sure you’re getting the very best deal, our home and business gas comparisons aim to include as many suppliers and products on the market in as possible. But there may be circumstances where a supplier or a product cannot be included in our search - for example, we may not be able to show a supplier's products because we do not have an agreement with them, they do not wish to be included in our comparison, or they’re not on our panel of trusted business gas suppliers.

Our values

We’re made of solid stuff: trust, passion and expertise. These are the things we believe our customers want from a service like ours, and these are the values we instil in our people.

Our team are just a phone call or email away:

Phone: 0800 158 5263 (freephone number)


Thank you for using our services. We live to find you the best electricity rates and take the hassle out of switching supplier.

By submitting your details you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. We promise we won't share your data with others for marketing purposes

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